Direct 2 Crowd

Direct 2 Crowd is an initiative we started during the first lockdown of covid in India. In this initiative we behave like a bridge between consumer and weaver by conducting crowd funded handloom production projects.

As we all know individual weavers don’t have the money to make authentic products and offer to customers. In this initiative we make a pool of craft lovers who finance the project by giving  pre orders.

Here weaver families get the remuneration part in one shop after completion of every project. With that money they can choose to start his/her independent journey by developing their own products or they may use that amount to solve medical or other family issues.

If you want to know the details of projects we have already done please scroll down.

If you want to get authentic handcrafted products with pure raw material by just paying production cost please stay tuned. Cost sheet is open for all so you will get to know how much you are paying and why.

Upcoming Project

Rediscovering Linen

After 7 projects of Direct 2 Crowd program(crowd funded handloom production project) this time for the first time we are going to deal with linen.

Since long there are many people who are asking us to do something with linen hence as the first project of the year 2023 we are going to do the coming project with linen.

For the first time we are going to make saree (linen Tangail saree) and also fabric (for making shirts, kurtas, dresses etc.)

Please read the project brochure and fill up the form given below. This time there are 2 different forms one for saree another for fabric. If you want saree and fabric both please fill 2 different forms separately.

Let’s start the linen journey…

Last Date of Registration 31st January 2023

Previous Seasons of Crowd Funded Project

Revisiting Muslin
Season 1

8 Artisan Families got benefited

Revisiting Muslin
Season 2

6 Artisan Families got benefited

Revisiting Muslin
Season 3

7 Artisan Families got benefited

Muga Tangail

4 Artisan Families got benefited

Kala Cotton

6 Artisan Families got benefited

Matka Bafta

4 Artisan Families got benefitted

Keri Kinaar Chanderi

4 Artisan Families got benefited


Coming Soon…