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The book only of its kind...

There is no organised knowledge source to understand Indian Handloom when it comes to the technical understanding of handloom textile.

Books and blogs are there which are hardly touching the Designing, Production, Costing and any other detail that a designer or an entrepreneur needs to understand.

This book is offering comprehensive learning of Indian Handloom where a beginner will get a deeper understanding. An intermediate learner will get more clarity and new knowledge on Indian Handloom. An advanced learner will get something that is purely derived from extensive working experience and field studies.

First time in the modern world such publication is happening to create a deeper awareness of Indian Handloom. We proudly take the credit to initiate such an effort which have never been tried by anyone.

Author royalty of this book will go for medical and other aid to the family of Indian Handloom Artisans.

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