There are many business schools around the world and millions of MBAs coming up every year but to be very frank even knowledge from best B-Schools won’t help when someone is trying to start her/his business on Indian handloom to catch the growing global market of sustainable fashion and textiles. Even after starting up, building a team is difficult because B-Schools and fashion school graduates are basically clueless about how the handloom ecosystem works because the syllabus of those schools won’t cover unorganised sectors like handloom and handicrafts.

We in the Handloom Foundation committed to strive for the betterment of Handloom. Through this program we want to guide people in order to make smart, informed, grounded hence profitable start-ups. We started this program in 2017 and till date we mentored 70+ start-ups, many of them crossed a business valuation of $1million.

Why do we charge fees for this program?

We do this program to raise funds for our 2 programs named ‘Go to School’ and ‘Pathshala’. The fee of this program will go to support both the programs. Hope you can understand the gravity…

This is a 6 months long program to know the program details please find the button below. After knowing the program details, if you are interested to join the program please fill up the joining program. 

If you don't want to join mentorship program but want consultation from us for your business please write to us with a subject line of 'Consultation Enquiry'